Test & Tag

Don't take the safety of your RCD's and Electrical Equipment for Granted!

One of the most overlooked WHS regulation is to ensure that RCD and electrical equipment in the workplace is subject to the appropriate checks, tests and  inspections necessary to reduce the risk of injury or harm occurring to a person at that workplace

PERTHEXPO will visit your site with friendly professional staff and undertake the following

  • Test all equipment in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS3760.
  • Correctly tag all tested equipment with robust synthetic labels.
  • Immediately report any issues to you or your representative.
  • We can also Organise to repair damaged electrical fittings on the spot as we are qualified Electricians.

RCD Testing

In the event of an electrical fault a correctly functioning RCD is the difference between life and death. An RCD is a vital safety component in an electrical circuit, their function is to disconnect power before enough flows through a person to cause serious or fatal injury. Like any other safety equipment they require regular testing to ensure that when they are most needed they will function correctly and disconnect power within a specified time, WA electrical regulations require regular testing to ensure compliance.

Did you know with staff working from home their home is also considered a workplace?

The latest Testing Equipment

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